Get a look at the Mass Effect 3 makeovers

Mass Effect 3‘s character models have had some time in the sunbed and come out looking all new and shiny. That’s what leaked art for four characters suggests, anyways.

Shown in the shot below are Kaiden Alenko, Ashley Williams, Liara T’Soni and newcomer James Vega. We’ve seen Kaiden and his new armor before, but it’s Liara’s new outfit that resembles Mass Effect 2‘s Justicar Samara and Ashley’s new hair that interests us the most. Something about Miss Williams’ new do rubs us the right way.

Uh, anyway, this first look at Vegas also proves to be intriguing. The character boasts a Krogan-like muscular build with optical headgear previously only seen on Garrus. No hockey-mask and hand-claws here, then.

Mass Effect 3 hits PS3, 360 and PC on March 9, 2012.