Incarna’s multiplayer coming this year

The multiplayer portion of EVE Online‘s latest massive expansion, Incarna, will be made available to players “this year”, suggesting the annual winter expansion slot as a possible release window, according to senior producer Arnar Gylfason.

“The next phase of Incarna will be the multiplayer establishments, and I really don’t think I can give any solid time-line on that just yet. But we’re looking at this year, definitely, for the next big evolution on that front,” revealed Gylfason during a press conference. But developer CCP hints at more candy being prepared for release for those willing to chew on it before then.

“We’re going to see more Captain’s Quarters, more racial variants of Captain’s Quarters added in the next few months.”

Incarna went live late last month and is probably one of the most anticipated expansions to the EVE Online universe as it focuses more on the player avatar and interior environments unlike previous expansions.