Microsoft Japan restructured, hopes to improve Kinect sales

During Microsoft Japan’s press briefing for the 2012 fiscal year (July 1st, 2011 though June 30th, 2012), the platform holder in the east revealed some structural changes in the company’s games division that will hopefully give the Xbox 360 and, more specifically, Kinect an extra push in sales, which have been quite poor compared to other continental sales across the world.

Former Home & Entertainment division boss Takashi Sensui, whose previous focus laid on Windows and Office software as well as games, will now head the newly-formed Interactive Entertainment Business division as general manager, which entails him covering all aspects of the Xbox 360, strictly and exclusively.

The Interactive Entertainment Business falls under the also newly-formed Consumer & Partner Group, which handles retail, OEM, Office pre-install businesses among other areas.

This strategic transformation will hopefully see increased Kinect sales, not only because of games and established IPs the Japanese market is familiar with, but because the Xbox 360 business will from now on have Sensui’s undivided attention. Only time will tell if this pays off.