Titan Studios closed, Carbon Games opened

After Titan Studios, a subsidiary of Epic Games China and creator of the somewhat critically acclaimed Fat Princess, was closed a month ago, the staff took it upon themselves to not fall into oblivion, thus founding Carbon Games. The company’s first project will be made publicly available later this year so, keeping an eye on that is what you probably want to do if your intentions is to scrutinize it, a.k.a. “help out.”

Carbon Games, as founder James Green reveals, will primarily focus on smaller and accessible core titles for the PC market which will allow the team to “iterate and get player feedback faster and actually control the patching process,” which is not entirely the case for consoles.

“Everyone that is starting Carbon is from Titan, but it’s only about half of what was left. We are just bringing over the core people at this time,” explained Green. “We had some QA, which were really great people, but we can’t add people just yet,” he continued.

“We had actually been winding down Titan gracefully for a while. The longterm plan has always been for Epic Games China to exist on their own. We were just in a support/advisory role, which is why we never followed up Fat Princess with anything,” and will likely not do so either, said Green.