iOS owners play twice as much as others on the go

Twice as much as owners of Android devices, that is. Almost, anyway. Market research company Nielsen has done just that, researched into the gaming habits of humans on their mobile devices, be they iOS-based, Android-based or Windows Phone 7-based. And the verdict is in.

People with iOS phones play almost 15 hours a month on them while those with an Android phone spend a little over 9 hours monthly. Windows 7 fell behind, only being used between four and five hours monthly for gaming which is surprisingly low considering its got achievements and integrates quite nicely with Xbox Live.

Regardless of the numbers, it’s not that big of a shock to see Apple out in front. The App Store currently hosts twice as many games than the Android Marketplace, making it a more extensive and lucrative place to go to if playing games on your phone is the reason you’d go and buy one for.