Burnout Crash coming to XBLA, PSN this fall

Criterion Games has announced a brand new addition to the Burnout universe, Burnout Crash. Set to arrive on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network at some point this fall, the top down style crash-and-blow-em-up game brings back what many – myself included – thought was sorely lacking from the recent Burnout Paradise: crashing into stuff for points.

Bringing over Autolog technology from the Need For Speed franchise, Crash will enable players to connect and compete for high scores with others around the world, as well as using the new Autolog Challenges feature to duke it out between their friends. The pileups will occur within three different game modes over 18 crash junctions in six locations, each one causing players to employ skill and strategy to rack up the most points by maximizing damage.

Not only has EA and Criterion breathed life into a favorite franchise, they have included Kinect support within Crash, a first for an EA XBLA title, using a motion controlled mode to pit two teams against one another on the same TV screen to battle it out using gestures alone.

The first screens from Burnout Crash can be found here, and gameplay below.