Crystal Dynamics planning new IP after Tomb Raider reboot

That Lara Croft bird, she’s had a long innings hasn’t she? Of course she has been around the underground for a while and done just about every single thing that Indiana Jones wouldn’t touch with a mile long whip, but isn’t it time we move here aside for some new blood? Perhaps Crystal Dynamics could pack away her tight shorts and start over. And I’m not talking about the new Tomb Raider reboot.

It would appear that Crystal Dynamics have been thinking the same thing as recent news has come to light regarding a possible new intellectual property.

Darrell Gallagher, the studio head at the developer, has claimed that Crystal Dynamics is “starting to look at doing a new IP here, and we’re in the very early stages of that.” Gallagher also added that they hope to “take all the learnings and the technology and everything that we’ve done with Tomb Raider over the last six years and apply that to something new moving forward.”

So will the new game be close to the bosom of Lara Croft’s accessible jump and gun adventuring, or will they try something a bit more saucy with the action adventure genre? Let’s see how the new Tomb Raider reboot goes first.