“Significant” increase of players for F2P Age of Conan

Making Age of Conan — now Age of Conan: Unchained — free-to-play has resulted in a “significant” amount of players flocking to try our the game.

Says game director Craig Morrison: “Obviously something like this lowers the entry barrier for people coming in and trying the game. So we’ve seen a lot more players coming back. The activity on the servers is up.

“The reception from our community seems to be going really well. We haven’t had any major issues with the way we’ve integrated the business model change.”

The F2P version of the MMO gives players access to four character classes and two character slots, but restricts access to dungeons, raids, sieges etc. Full access is gained through a premium subscription.

A publicly traded company, Funcom can’t divulge specific numbers, though “you only have to look at public sources like Xfire to see the game has seen a significant increase in traffic since the weekend,” Morrison suggests.

“Those public sources are indicative of what we’re seeing at this end as well.

“There’s a significant number of new players coming into the game and trying it out and returning and playing again.”