DICE talks Battlefield 3 classes

In an attempt to keep the hype-train fueled, developer DICE is keeping gamers up to date with the innovations, implementations and changes made to upcoming warfare shooter Battlefield 3. In the latest Battleblog, the devs talk about classes and how they’ve mixed things up after a year and a half of testing, so to speak, with Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It’s a rather hefty update with info most Bad Company 2 players will be quite familiar with, but there have been some modifications made that could, and probably will, spin things out of the ordinary come October.

For instance, the run-and-gun class, otherwise known as Assault, will be the one with medicinal capabilities this time; gone are the days of actual medics, which in turn brings us to the next change in line: Support class. These used to be the guys carrying and dropping medkits in Bad Company 2, whereas in Battlefield 3, they will bring fully-fledged support and suppressive fire to the rest of the team, all the while earning some valuable team play experience points, as is the norm in Battlefield games.

“Support has always been about heavy infantry firepower from his LMG,” said senior multiplayer designer Alan Kertz. “It’s a role that we’ve wanted to feel different than Assault’s running and gunning.”

The Engineer [class], otherwise known as the one guy on foot that can either make or break you vehicular day, will now be carrying carbine weapons, capable of deeper bullet penetration making you bleed more and faster than before. As for the Recon class, love it or hate it, it’ll no longer be a one-man army deal. Quite the opposite in fact.

“Recon traditionally has been seen as just a sniper,” explained Kertz said. “We wanted to change that perception, so we’ve built several completely new teamplay oriented gadgets specifically for the Recon class so he can be a team player, even if he’s sitting on the top of Wookie Mountain.”

Assault carrying medkits, a more distinct differentiation between Assault/Support classes and new gadgets are all just a handful of changes. As in Bad Company 2, you will be able to further customize your soldier depending on which class you choose to play as, but specifics about that are yet to be revealed.

Battlefield 3 is set for a late-October release or PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.