Limbo on PSN, PC dated; soundtrack available, extra secret teased

Last week, that hauntingly good Xbox Live Arcade title, Limbo, was confirmed for a PlayStation Network release via a Twitter post from Dino Patti, founder of the game’s developer PlayDead Studios. Now, Patti’s went all out – with far more than 140 characters – to detail the game’s arrival on the Sony console, the game’s soundtrack on iTunes, and even teasing something special within the game.

Patti says Limbo will be available on PSN starting July 19 for those in the US and the following day, July 20, for members in Europe. Japan and Asia subscribers don’t have a date for the game’s PSN arrival just yet but the date will be announced “soon.” Luckily, those left out in the undated regions can grab Limbo through Steam on August 2. Really, anyone around the world with a PC and Steam account can get the game on that date, I was just trying to soften the PSN absence for those in the Japan and Asia regions. Excuse me for caring.

The PlayDead head honcho goes on to say the developer has received “a lot of requests” for the game’s soundtrack, so much so that they are making it available on iTunes this Monday, July 11.

Such a wonderful first birthday celebration wouldn’t be complete without a surprise or two though, and that’s where things get a bit mysterious. In closing his remarks, Patti says he hopes “everyone will enjoy the game and the little extra secret we have in store for you…” Anyone who as played Limbo can attest to the fact that not much is as it appears, but what extra secret could he be referring to?