New Burnout originally Crashed on Wii

Think that the recently announced Burnout Crash looks a little, well, basic? If we told you that it was originally on Wii, that would pretty much explain everything, wouldn’t it?

As creative director Alex Ward revealed to GiantBomb (via), the downloadable title was once headed in a very different direction. “The original version started on the Wii, and it was a user-created game where you drew the road with a wand, and we thought if we made Crash mode you can make it all yourself,” he said.

“We did that for a few months and it actually turned out to be quite boring. One of our philosophies at Criterion is just ‘cos we’ve made it doesn’t mean we can’t delete it. So if we have to throw something away and shelve it, we could talk for hours about the number of ideas we’ve just thrown away because you get there and it doesn’t quite work.”

As it stands right now, the game will still support motion controls in the form of Kinect, but we won’t be able to create our own tracks. Maybe that will change before Burnout returns in the fall, though.