Why Catwoman>Robin in Arkham City

The inclusion of Catwoman in this fall’s Arkham City may be a bit of a headascratcher for some, especially when the Bats’ brother-in-gadgets Robin is making an appearance, but there is a reason for it. And a pretty valid one at that: it allows Rocksteady to take players to places and situations Batman himself would never be in.

Marketing manager Dax Ginn explained the thinking behind the move to OXM recently: “The thing about playing as Catwoman is you’re playing as a criminal. When you’re playing as Batman, you’re the good guy. When you’re playing as Catwoman, you’re the bad girl.

“So it allows you playing as her to explore the criminal underworld of Arkham City. You’ll go places the Batman never would, you’ll do things the Batman never would.”

Same goes for Robin as the two have “a very similar moral compass,” Ginn continues.

“We wanted to create a real contrasting emotional experience for players when they make that control switch. Catwoman is about as far as you can get from Batman.

“That seemed like a creative decision that would give players a broader spectrum of experiences within the game, rather than Batman and Robin, who are quite similar in lots of ways.”

Robin will be available in Arkham City‘s challenge mode levels only, complete with his own moves and abilities.

The game hits shelves this October.