App Store free-to-play revenue overtakes premium

There’s no denying trends. A mobile analytics group has looked at sales data for June and determined that revenue from free-to-play games was higher than premium game revenue for iOS devices. 65% of App Store revenues for the 100 most popular games in June came from titles using freemium pricing, whereby the game itself is free, but additional content and in-game items must be purchased.

Trip Hawkins, general old man in gaming and founder of Digital Chocolate, says you should expect this kind of thing perpetuating in games: “Well, I don’t care what category it is, any segment of the games industry on any platform – if you make it free-to-play with virtual goods it’ll be better, financially.”

What this means, quite simply, is that the freemium model pioneered by tech companies like Google has now taken ground in the videogame sphere. More and more, games will be viewed as a service with subscription fees, rather than a tangible product.