Dishonored gets first screen, new info

The first screenshot from Bethesda’s new Arkane-developed property, Dishonored, has been made available in line with Game Informer’s on-going coverage. Plus a few bits of information.

In the game, players will take on the role of Corvo, a bodyguard  of the Empress who has been falsely imprisoned for her murder. There’s been a coup, with a corrupt Lord Regent behind it all.

Players will have at their disposal “a suite of supernatural powers” and “unusual gadgets,” allowing them to for example stop time or, wait for it, possess a rat to escape pesky guards. Indeed.

There’s also a “chaos” system in place that tracks collateral damage caused by the player and changes the game world accordingly. GI’s more in-depth explanation here is worth going over for additional deets.

For a larger version of the shot above, head here.