Left 4 Dead 2’s Dead Air revamp coming early

In true Valve fashion, the Left 4 Dead 2 makers set out to inspire beta testers to check out the community made campaign titled Cold Stream. They did so by offering up a tasty reward if and only if Cold Stream could get 20,000 playthroughs. The reward is and was to be a Left 4 Dead 2 remake of the original Left 4 Dead campaign Dead Air.  Much to Valve’s surprise, not only did the community answer, they answered with bellowing vigor.

On an official Valve blog post the company revealed the Cold Stream testing numbers that shattered expectations: “You started playing at 10am on Wednesday morning. Four and half hours later you surpassed the 20,000 target, by 5pm you passed 30,000. By this morning at 10am – a mere 24 hours later you hit 60,774!”

Since the community answered Valve’s call with such haste, Valve has decide to release Dead Air as soon as possible with July 22 being the latest possible date. Unfortunately Valve was unable to commit to a date for the 360 versions of the aforementioned campaigns, but assured the community with encouraging words: “What date is that? Hard to say but with your help it just got closer.”