Planetside 2 to have free component, in-game shop

Planetside 2 will have a free component of sorts, SOE’s revealed according to PSU, while managing to keep mum on the details.

What has been talked about a bit though is the existence of an in-game shop where players can purchase cosmetic upgrades but not pay-to-win items, Sony Online Entertainment head John Smedley has made clear.

“There will be a cash shop for the game however the goal is not to sell power,” he said at Fan Faire 2011 over the weekend.

“For example we would sell things like customization because we would like there to be a massive amount of ways to customize your characters. So people could recognize you or your outfit out of a group. We will not sell a more powerful gun or vehicle.”

An in-game shop selling customization items vibes well with the F2P model. Still, it’s not official yet; formal details on the business model are expected in the coming months.

Planetside 2 was originally intended to be a free-to-play conversion of the original Planetside.