Rayman Origins’ UbiArt tech free for all, creator hopes

The underlying tech of the ever-colorful Rayman Origins will soon be available to all; in creator Michel Ancel’s words, “it won’t be like other games technologies, which are often just locked away.”

“UbiArt has been built to be shared.”

“If the guys who invented the paintbrush only kept it for themselves then fine art [would be in a sorry state], it would be ephemeral,” Ancel tells Develop. “So yes, I want [UbiArt] to be open source, I want it to go out and be shared and evolved.”

Keeping tech to oneself just ‘isn’t interesting’ and is the cause why independent developers struggle, the Beyond Good & Evil creator believes.

Licensing terms, if any, are yet to be set. That’s something for Ubisoft execs to decide on. Ancel does believe the tech will be free, however.

With Rayman Origins, due out this holiday, Ancel aims to prove that “that this engine can be done, and that it is creative.”

“And secondly, to make an actual game with it and prove it works.”