Katamari Damacy creator joins monster-minded MMO Glitch

It should come as no surprise that Keita Takahashi, creator of the weirdly wonderful Katamari Damacy, is helping to develop the weirdly wonderful browser-based MMO Glitch.

The original King Of All Cosmos has partnered with Tiny Speck, the game studio founded by Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, to work on their side-scrolling massively multiplayer game that takes place inside the minds of giants. “The whole world was spun out of the imagination of 11 great giants,” said Butterfield in an interview with CNET. “So you have to go back into the past, into the world of the giants’ imaginations and grow…the number of things in the world, grow it in terms of physical dimensions, to make sure the future actually happens. So all the game play takes place in the past inside the world of the giants’ imagination.”

Players won’t be farming or fighting, rather they’ll help collectively shape the world around them by doing favors and learning skills, like smoothie making and butterfly milking. In other words, Takahashi’s gonna fit right in.