Webzen accuses Firefall dev of breach of contract, sues

Korean publisher Webzen isn’t taking kindly to Red 5’s attempts of wiggling out of its contract and is taking the Firefall developer to court with allegations of multiple breaches of contract.

In an open letter to its community two weeks ago, Red 5 said that Webzen as it exists today “is not the Webzen that Red 5 partnered with at the beginning of this project” and that they haven’t honored their obligations as publisher. They wanted out.

Webzen has now responded with a lawsuit and accusations of their own.

According to Korean site ThisIsGame (via), Webzen isn’t taking kindly to Red 5’s Korean branch apparently not seeking permission to announce an offline test for Firefall. The developer’s move to distribute a press release about Orson Scott Card’s work on the game’s script is said to have been an unsanctioned move as well.

Webzen says it’s invested almost $25 million in the free-to-play shooter while suffering through “numerous” development delays in the last 5 years.

“We have been preparing to reveal [Firefall] at G-star 2011, but we heard Red 5 Korea is trying to attend G-star 2011 independently with FireFall,” said a Webzen rep. “So we decided to take a legal action.”