Film vet Matt Codd joins Respawn

Respawn Entertainment has picked up another Hollywood hire; film veteran Matt Codd has been brought on board as art director, the studio’s newly-opened website informs.

While working at Respawn will be the first videogame experience for Codd, the man does have a number of big name films in his resume. He’s worked as illustrator and conceptual artist/designer on flicks like Saving Private Ryan, Terminator 3, Twelve Monkeys, The Chronicles of Riddick, Serenity etc.

There’s a Q&A with him on Respawn’s site for those who wish to learn more about him. And you can see his past work on his portfolio site here.

In May, Respawn brought on top concept artist Iain McCraig.

Meanwhile, the Respawn project remains a blurry question mark.