Rift’s 1.4 patch to add cross-server play

In an effort to create a better gaming experience for Rift players, Trion is bringing forward a cross-server feature or — to use the game’s native lingo — cross-shard feature. What this does is not all that different to the similar feature found in World of Warcraft. Players will be able to enter a queue for dungeons with players across servers within their battlegroup. The benefit will hopefully be shorter queue times for players, since there will be a much larger pool to extract from.

Along with the new cross-shard feature a new alternate gameplay mode titled “Whitefall Steppes – Escalation” is also being wrangled in for the 1.4 update. When described by Rift’s community manager Elrar, WhiteFall Steppes sounds like a quality game of capture the flag “Capture three Sourcestone from the field and hold them at your base to win. Beware though; Sourcestone can be stolen directly from your base by the enemy.”

Right now the 1.4 update is only available on the test servers, but once this update goes live we’re certain that the Rift community will accept the new additions with open arms.