Rovio values itself “north of PopCap”

Nobody puts PopCap in the corner! Nobody but Angry Birds developer Rovio, who have ruffled a few feathers by claiming to be worth more than the possible $1.3 billion EA’s shelling out to acquire PopCap Games.

“The valuation from our point of view is somewhere, I dunno, maybe north of PopCap,” said vice president of franchise development Ville Heijari in an interview with Eurogamer, adding that they’ve had inquiries from “many, many” different interested parties. “We’ve set the bar pretty high from early on, because we really think we have a lot of opportunities with our Angry Birds IP and there’s a lot of creativity at the studio beyond Angry Birds.”

Yeah, like Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. And let’s not forget the Angry Birds flip flops, Angry Birds plushies and Angry Birds keychains. It might be my Peggle obsession talking here, but Rovio shouldn’t trash talk the brains behind Bejeweled, Bookworm and Plants vs Zombies until they come up with a non-avian inspired hit, no matter how much money they’re doing the Scrooge McDuck backstroke in.