Former C&C devs’ game signed by Microsoft

Skulls of the Shogun, a strategy game developed by Haunted Temple Studios — formed last year by former Command & Conquer developers from EA’s LA studio — has been signed by Microsoft as an exlcusive to Xbox Live Arcade.

“Microsoft totally got our vision and have been fully behind it ever since, and the support we’re getting out of them has been seriously as much as I could ever ask for,” studio founder Jake Kazdal tells Gama on the deal, going on to exclaim, “Our extended team is now more powerful than ever!”

It was an easy sign according to Microsoft, thanks to Kazdal’s past; he’s worked on Rez, the Space Channel 5 series, as well as on EA’s canned LMNO endeavor with Steven Spielberg.

Says Microsoft Game Studios’ Ted Woolsey of Haunted Temple: “it’s a studio made up of AAA veterans with incredible resumes. These guys know how to ship great games, and that’s huge.”

Expect Skulls of the Shogun to hit the service later in the year.