Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, now with 30% more zombies!

The Dead Rising series isn’t about the mundane concerns of the coming Zombocalypse, like finding shelter, food and water as you wait out mother nature’s final f*ck you, it’s about cramming as many zombies as possible onto the screen. And while it won’t be hitting the ultimately unmanageable 7,000 brain binge-ers featured in the Dead Rising 2 tech demo, upcoming spin-off Dead Rising 2: Off The Record has “upped the [zombie] density by at least 30%.”

“This time around, because we made Frank a tougher character right at the beginning and we gave him more cool weapons that do a lot more damage, we actually managed to up the zombie density and have the world be a little more dangerous for him,” said producer Jason Leigh in an interview with Siliconera. “There are probably a few thousand zombies in any one environment.”

In addition to adding more zombies and new weapons, Capcom Vancouver is also providing players a chance to use Frank’s camera in game, with several missions that use the protagonist’s photojournalist talents for more than just acquiring Prestige Points.