Former BioWare lead goes dungeon-crawling

The title might be indicative of something dramatic and/or epic happening to a former BioWare employee, but the fact is that Cedar Hill Games — founded by Tobyn Manthorpe (Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights) of BioWare — is developing a new game called Emissary of War, a dungeon crawler set to be released on iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone.

Not unlike other games in the genre, you will be hacking and slashing uglies, upgrading your character weapons and tactics as you go about doing that. The twist lies in the storytelling, which Cedar Hill Games promises will be immersive despite the main characters being named Ghent and Hassock; a barbarian and alchemist sidekick on a diplomatic mission that unsurprisingly fails to go the way it was intended to. Manthorpe also revealed the use of voice actors and cutscenes to make sure the gamer on-the-go keeps his/her head locked on the iDevice.

“It takes a lot of work to breathe life into a virtual actor, but we’re not shying away from it because we want players to have proper emotions about our characters,” explained Manthorpe. “We also feel like we’ve overcome the challenge of matching this style of game with the needs of the iOS gamer: intuitive controls and stop-and-go gameplay.”

Emissary of War is scheduled for release later this summer, but you should go ahead and take a peek at it right now.