The Binding of Isaac announced, out this August

Super Meat Boy co-creator Edmund McMillen has announced The Binding of Isaac, a “rogue-like shooter based on the dungeon structure of Zelda” which plays out “in a randomly generated semi-RPG world filled with powerups items and special abilities.” In addition, much to our delight, the art style is very Super Meat Boy, so this is already looking good right off the bat.

With a rather unorthodox leveling system in which you will not upgrade by putting your enemies out of their misery — except for a few bosses — but rather by finding treasures, shops and secret/special rooms and hidden areas that may contain unique items, The Binding of Isaac will have you crawl through a number of dungeons taking on numerous bosses and a load of enemies ready to turn you into a “monstrous powerhouse.” That is, if you defeat them, of course.

Danny Baranowsky of dB Soundworks will be providing the music for Isaac, just as he did for games like Canabalt, Meat Boy and Gravity Hook. Jordan Fehr, who worked on Super Meat Boy and Donkey Kong Country Returns, will be helping out on the sound effects.

With all of the three put together, The Binding of Isaac will without a doubt see its share of fortune and fame once it hits Steam this August. No other platforms have been mentioned at this time.