Aliens: Infestation for DS announced

A mere ESRB rating no more, Aliens: Infestation has been confirmed for a September release.

Developers WayForward and Gearbox are collaborating on the Sega-published DS title.

It’s a side-scrolling action-adventurer where players get to visit familiar locations such as the Sulaco, the Derelict ship, and LV-426, and choose from 19 marines, each with their own dialogue. Fancy that.

“In contrast to our other Aliens title in the works at the moment, Aliens: Infestation delivers a game that focuses more on exploration of the expanded universe,” says Gary Knight, Senior Vice President of Marketing, SEGA West.

“WayForward really put all their passion into making Aliens: Infestation the definitive Aliens experience that you can fit in your pocket.”

“Iconic weapons and tools,” and character designs by comic artist Chris Bachalo are promised, though that’s the extent of it for now.

September then. No dates yet.