DOTA 2 launches this fall, voice actor says

DOTA 2 will be out this fall, according to a much-used voice actor of Valve’s.

The studio is “planning on releasing it in the fall,” says John Patrick Lowrie, who has “so far” voiced seven characters in the game.

“So far, I just voiced kind an ice spirit guy, and a kind of an ultimate devil guy, and then kind of a martial arts mystic guy.”

“Then, early on, I voiced a guy named Pudge … and a guy named Storm Spirit that everybody at Valve really enjoys playing and two other characters that I just don’t remember. Who knows what the count will be eventually?”

This is far from formal though as Lowrie himself admits he could well be mistaken. “I think that they’re planning on releasing it in the fall I think they’re finishing it up. Of course, I could be wrong, I’m just the hired help, but I believe that’s what they told me.”

Valve itself has said that DOTA 2 will be the first title to make use of Steam’s recently announced upgrades. All we have for now is “soon” though.

Valve is expected to reveal the game at Gamescom next month; the developer has said it’ll be there with a “strategy” title.