Shadows of the Damned director exits Grasshoper

Grasshoper Manufacture’s Massimo Guarini, who directed the excellent Shadows of the Damned, has left the developer.

That’s a big shame, and something that might well have been avoided had the game actually managed to sell any units, but all is not lost. Guarini has instead set up a new studio, Ovosonico Productions, which – according to text found in a teaser site‘s source code – will work onĀ “Games, Music, Films with an attitude. The sound of bold ideas!”

What will that involve, then? More testosterone-fueled games? Innuendo-stuffed songs? Straight up porn films?

Meanwhile, on the Grasshoper side, we guess this means that when pigs fly and Shadows of the Damned 2 is announced (please, god), Grasshopper will have to find a new director.