Vigil’s ultimate goal: 4-man co-op in Darksiders

Getting all four horsemen side by side in a Darksiders game is Vigil’s “ultimate ambition,” marketing manager Jay Fitzloff has said. That’s four-player cooperative play then, we’re guessing.

In fact, that’s been the developer’s dream from day one.

“The dream from the beginning, for Darksiders one, was to have all four horseman at once,” Fitzloff’s explained to Videogamer, “but you’ve got to create animations for every character, and each one is a totally different size and has totally different equipment, so you can’t just share equipment.”

Clearly, the feature didn’t make into Darksiders. And it won’t make into next year’s Darksiders II. The third game, perhaps?

“What’s next? We’ll see, our ultimate ambition? All four horsemen together. We’ll see.”