Nintendo trademarks hint at Wii U future

Newly discovered Nintendo trademarks give insight into the company’s plans for Wii U. Expect familiarity, lots of it.

Names ranging from Wii U Sports to Wii U Fit and everything in between show the company’s anything but not serious when it comes to copying Wii’s first-party successes.

See below for the full lot.

Earlier in the year, Nintendo secured a number of matching domain names as well.

Wii U + logo
Mii U
Wii Fit U
Wii Sports U
Wii Music U
Wii Party U
Wii Play U
WiiWare U
Wii Balance Board U
Balance Wii Board U
Wii Wheel U
Wii Zapper U
Wii U Fit
Wii U Music
Wii U Party
Wii U Sports
Wii U Play
Wii U Ware
Wii U Balance Board
Balance Wii U Board
Wii U Wheel
Wii U Zapper
Wii Speak U
Wii U Speak
Shield Pose

This isn’t confirmation that all the products are in development of course, though we’re betting a lot of them are.