Respawn’s new IP not until 2015? Nah!

Don’t get too bummed out over that ‘2015’ release window for Respawn’s first property you’ve likely seen headlines for recently. It’s nothing more than a “wild guess.”

Illustrator and concept artist Iain McCaig, who the studio brought on in May, said at the Develop conference yesterday that he’s “having the most fun working with Respawn Entertainment right now, but I can’t show you, and I won’t be able to show you, until 2015.”

That was widely taken as the possible release target for the studio’s first effort. Not so.

McCaig later clarified on the statement, explaining: “2015 was just my wildest guess as to when I would be able to show my artwork, which is usually 12 months or more after release. I have no real information on the release date of the game.”

And we’re back in square one.

Respawn recently opened their website and teased the new property with a cruel, blurry image. That’s the best we have to go on for now.