Rovio betting the whole hog on Angry Birds

Angry Birds has become a gaming phenomenon, available on almost everything that has a screen. Couple that with a fanbase that has made the game’s characters into everything from cakes to cards to bathmats, there seems to be no end to how widespread the brand can become. That is exactly what developer Rovio is betting the house on.

Talking at the Casual Connect event in Seattle, Rovio’s chief marketing officer Peter Vesterbacka said game makers “buy into their own bullshit.” While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, Rovio knows how hard it is to create “hit after hit,” which is why the developer is “betting everything on Angry Birds.”

“Our goal is to design our own products and keep control of them,” continued Vesterbacka. HeĀ admits it will take two or three years, but says Rovio wants to become the “first entertainment brand with a billion fans,” a goal that sees its next test as becoming the “leading entertainment brand in China” next year.

Diversifying the brand is also a step in the right direction, with plush Angry Birds characters being sold in stores, t-shirts, and an upcoming cookbook entitled ‘Bad Piggies Secret Egg Recipes,’ Rovio is looking to become a truly long term marketing figure along the lines of Mickey Mouse.