We’re ‘exploring Enslaved opportunities’ — Namco

Namco Bandai’s post-apocalyptic adventurer Enslaved may have a future yet.

According to marketing man Lee Kirton, the publisher hasn’t given up on finding ways to breathe new life into the Ninja Theory-created franchise. As for concrete plans, we’re still out of luck.

“We are exploring new opportunities with Enslaved of course,” Kirton told VG247 recently.

At last count, the game had sold 734,000 copies; the result of launching in the wrong window, the publisher’s admitted.

Still, “its sales are actually good long term,” Kirton says, “but were they to the level that we wanted in the beginning? Unfortunately not”.

“As a video game developer and publisher we have learned a lot … and yes there would have been some things that would have been done different.”

“Ultimately what we did was put a lot of love behind something that we truly respected. We built a great amount of awareness around the title, we created a ‘word of mouth’ buzz, it got great reviews, got picked all across the national press, lifestyle media, got some great nominations for many awards and Namco Bandai is mentioned as a publishing hero.”

In May, Kirton said the franchise may be pushed to “a market that hasn’t experienced it yet.”

Whatever’s next, Namco has something fresh to advertise it with; Enslaved won the best new intellectual property award at the Develop awards last night.