Blizzard veteran moving on to Disney

There seems to be a prevailing theme in the history of Bill Roper’s scattered game industry career and that theme seems to be movement and lost of it. Starting off working for Blizzard, leaving for Flagship, moving on to Cryptic and now his latest home is Disney Interactive. According to Alex Seropian — Senior Vice President at Disney Interactive — Roper is to be overseeing the company’s Marvel related projects.

Seropian had warm words for their latest executive addition, too: “We are pleased to have Bill join our team, with 17 years of experience in the worldwide gaming industry, we are confident that Bill has the creative vision necessary to help guide the next wave of development and product for DIMG’s Marvel Games.”

What impact Roper is going to have on the Marvel products is unclear. We can be certain however, that his varied and lengthy experience should serve him well.