Media Molecule’s next game to be “risky and experimental”

And everybody goes, “what else is new?” LittleBigPlanet was probably based on that idea as well, and look how that one turned out. But that’s Media Molecule; the company is known for wanting to break the mold and try things that haven’t been tried before. And when you add the quality of MM to it, there’s barely reason to worry whether or not the next big game is going to be successful or not. But it doesn’t happen overnight.

“What we do is very much a continuation of our experimental… approach,” said art director Kareem Ettouney during an interview at the Develop Conference in Brighton. “We like risks, we like experimentation, we like to try to impress ourselves, and each other. Without going into specifics, because we’re still very much at a nucleus stage, what we do at this stage is we just put our development hats on, and produce and draw and make prototypes, think and look at the world around us and respond to that.”

Said Ettouney, “our house style is definitely in the risk-creative sort of place. We like to push that boundary all the time,” explaining the game will be “risky and experimental.”

“It will be risky and experimental. I think the game medium is just the tip of the iceberg. We are in a time when the tools have got much better, the technology has got much better, the machines are much more powerful, so at last we can stop talking about Polygons.”

With the success of LittleBigPlanet, a game that in addition to DLC just keeps carrying its own weight thanks to the user-created content in the millions, it seems only natural to want to try to explore a different universe, create something new and exciting. Judging by MM’s portfolio, we can positively say we’re looking forward to whatever that will be as well.