Star Wars: The Old Republic CEs selling out, being resold for $400+

That didn’t last long; Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s fancy $150 Collector’s Edition has sold out on EA’s new Origin service.

The publisher will launch the game later this year, but will be “limiting supply at launch,” so those who want in, especially with the CE in hand, may wish to rush to retailers and make the order. These things are going fast.

Amazon appears to be sold out as well, making room for individual sellers who are not shy about adding to the price. Some are selling their pre-orders on the site for $400 and up.

Natutally, the CEs have begun popping up on Ebay as well.

EA opened the pre-orders just yesterday morning.

The publisher also announced plans for beta weekends in September yesterday. Again, the limited few will be selected; head here for the deets.