The Gunstringer priced and dated

Twisted Pixel’s shoot-em-up The Gunstringer has been officially set for a September 16th release (UK). The Kinect-enabled game takes players on a journey through the wild west as a trigger-happy stringed marionette with collectables, unlockables, abilities rewards and bosses appearing along the way.

In addition to this already hectic adventure we’re soon to embark on, the developers announced there will be bonus content in the form of DLC on launch day, going by the name of “The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles.” It pits players against the son of Wavy Tube Man, the first boss in the game. We know you’ve met him before.

If shooting stuff up isn’t your thing, maybe slicing things apart is, in which case we have great news for you. Bundled with The Gunstringer will be Halfbrick’s mobile sensation Fruit Ninja Kinect. It mainly consists of slicing fruit in half as fast and as much as you possibly can. However, evolution now says that thumbs won’t be enough when the Kinect-ready version is released on Xbox Live Arcade, which it will be as part of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade initiative on August 10th should you not find the patience to wait for September.

The Gunstringer and Fruit Ninja Kinect bundle will retail at £29.99, or roughly $50. Also, The Gunstringer will see to it that pre-orderers get Avatar goods to enjoy, more or less.