Keiji Inafune surprises with first post-Capcom game

Keiji Inafune, the famous game designer responsible for the beloved Mega Man series and who recently left Capcom, has revealed the first game from his new studio Comcept, and it’s neither manly nor mega.

It’s a social-based mobile game called The Island of Dr. Momo. While details are slim, the main idea is that you combine animals together in an effort to make cuter ones. Additional items, whose functions remain a mystery, can be purchased via microtransactions, and there are also social elements of some kind. The game is based on Japan’s GREE mobile platform, and is set to release there this fall, with no plans for Western markets as of yet.

It’s definitely an unexpected direction for the famed developer, and likely not what a lot of his fans would want from him, but it’s probably going to be a solid contender in the mobile market, for what that’s worth. And hey, the guy started two studios, so there is sure to be more on the horizon.