Google+ to do games, probably

When Google posted a job listing for a “product management leader, games” last year, as well as addressed the topic at a ThinkGaming conference, we didn’t realize at the time why or for what reason, though it has become quite apparent now. Google has dropped hints of games coming to the company’s new social network and Facebook competitor, Google+.

”If you’re looking for updates shared from games, check out your Games stream,” read a particular sentence posted on a help page, which has since then been removed. A slip like this, accidental or not, more than likely means games are in fact coming to Google+, which would be a necessity if it intends to take on the might of Facebook. A company spokesman would neither confirm nor deny it though.

“Google+ is an ongoing project and this is just the beginning. We plan to add a lot of features and functionality to Google+ over time.”

If we add to the matter that Google is an investor at Zynga, which happens to be one of the most popular developers of Facebook games, the hints of future games on Google+ just keep piling up, eventually leading to an official announcement and another craze-wave of web-based social gaming.