Mobile development ramping up at id Software

Another version of id Software’s Rage is coming to the iPhone later this year, but the studio’s mobile ambitions aren’t stopping there.

According to a new interview with id Software’s Jason Kim, the developer is starting to ramp up mobile development.

“It’s really been interesting to see our mobile development team work on that compartmentalised piece of Rage content,” Kim said, talking about the iPhone game.

“It is an aspect of our company that is still growing,” Kim continued. “I think there’s a lot more that could be done there but we don’t have it all planned out, it’s actually nice not to know how different things are going to be.

“Mobile devices are changing very quickly, some people are changing their phones every year. I think it depends on what really happens with these mobile devices, what happens on the Apple Store, how Android works and what kind of store front they have and how popular those apps become.”

What do you think about studios like id Software getting into mobile gaming. Is it a good thing?