Over 900 voice actors in Star Wars: The Old Republic, still growing

When Star Wars: The Old Republic was first announced to be a fully-voiced undertaking (back during E3 2009), BioWare said it had brought in “hundreds” of voice actors for “thousands” of roles. That first estimation is now approaching a thousand, it’s been recently revealed.

There are as of right now “over 900 actors and actresses” whose vocal talents can be found in the upcoming MMO. “And apparently that number is still growing,” SWTOR’s senior community manager Stephen Reid told the crowd during the game’s Comic-Con panel last week.

Added creative director James Ohlen: “We started writing the scripts in 2006 to give you an idea. And I think we actually had some of the dialogue that is in the game start getting recorded in 2007 or 2008, so one of those years.”

“It’s been a long project.”

And to think we once considered Dragon Age: Origins‘ measly cast of 144 epic in proportion.