Square Enix pursuing “smaller, more agile” online games

Square Enix, and more specifically US division CEO Mike Fischer, said the company will start focusing on “smaller, more agile opportunities,” referring to social games as played on Facebook, like Farmville. While explaining that the company — the roster of which includes Tomb Raider, Hitman and the Final Fantasy franchise — will definitely not shy away from grand releases, its part as publisher has given it some free time to focus on social gaming.

“That leaves me and my organization free to really pursue a lot of the more leading edge opportunities in online and social games,” said Fischer. “And I’m obviously looking at not massive games on an FFXIV or FFXI scale, but smaller, more agile opportunities. One of them you see here, Wakfu, already, that we’ve picked up. That’s developed in a partnership with Ankama Studio.”

He adds, “and we’re looking at a lot of projects along that type of opportunity, where it may not necessarily be a big internal project, but we can be smaller and agile.”

So, smaller and agile. With Fischer also showing interest in the free-to-play business and microtransactions, it wouldn’t surprise us if Facebook, or Google+ eventually got Square Enix plastered all over them. Low-budget games hitting mainstream, crawling through people’s wallets; smaller and agile.