Twisted Metal ‘doesn’t require,’ won’t have an open beta

With all the betas out there as of late, one could almost get through the entire year having played but not paid for many of the biggest games out there; Gears of War 3, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, plus upcoming tests of Battlefield 3 and the further-out Starhawk.. The list goes on.

Joining them on the list is Eat, Sleep, Play’s Twisted Metal, which will be getting a pre-launch testing as well. It will not be of the public kind, however.

Talking at the game’s Comic-Con panel, creator David Jaffe confirmed that the game will hold private and semi-private tests, but not one that would welcome all. The smaller scale tests should get the studio the data it needs in more focused form, he said.

During the same chat, Jaffe also denied the existence of a Collector’s Edition. At least, he knows nothing about one.