XBLA prices have risen, quality as well

With the world economy today, consumers are always looking for the lowest price and biggest bargain they can find on all aspects of life, even more so with ‘luxury’ items like videogames. That said, it is surprising to find out Xbox Live Arcade games have seen a steady increase in price over the past few years. An increase that is  likely to continue, as is the quality of the titles.

Chris Charla, XBLA portfolio director, has said a quick look at the sales numbers will show the “average prices on XBLA have crept up over the last few years,” something in direct contrast to the “race to zero as fast as possible” found on other digital markets. He continues, saying he doesn’t know where prices will ultimately end up, but “it has been really gratifying to see that people are willing to pay a premium price for digital content.”

For comparison sake, Eurogamer reports 2009 had 21 games priced at 1200 Microsoft Points, with 2010 raising that number to 27. So far this year, 20 games have hit the 1200 MSP level with almost half a year left.

What do you think? Are games increasingly worth a higher asking price for digital content?