007 Reloaded ships with challenge editor

This fall’s HD re-release of GoldenEye, GoldenEye 007: Reloaded, will come complete with an editor for its Mi6 Ops Missions, Activision producer producer James Steer has revealed.

The missions are made up of challenges where players must complete purpose-built levels, be in through stealth, action, or by surviving waves of enemies. With the included editor, said challenges can be tweaked to one’s delight.

“We’ve added a challenge designer so you can take challenges that were designed by the level designers at Eurocom, and actually play around with some of the modifiers in there to create your own versions,” Steer says.

The Mi6 mode will also come complete with online leaderboards; bragging rights are important.

Reloaded is out this fall. Grab the first trailer and screens here.