APB: Reloaded goes “Open Beta 2”

The latest patch (a.k.a. 1.5.2) for APB: Reloaded has gone live. Since its release a few days ago, players may have experienced some downtime and particular issues in some in-game districts, but in an update on the official developer blog, this has been foreseen. Bear in mind that erratic behavior might be on-going for the entirety of the week while the team works out the kinks; remember that before the cursing and wall-embedding head-butting begins.

Admittedly, “the team is working round-the-clock on another patch to solve the remaining disconnection issues” on an update described to bring “the biggest changes to Missions, Matchmaking, Skill Rating and District Recommendation to date.” As reads the blog post, “YES – between now and [this] Friday I expected daily occurrences of ’15 minute warnings’ to take districts down for patching. If you see one of those, then please just log in after the patch and continue testing.”

As for the actual updates directly affecting the game and gameplay, there are many of them explained in detail over at the dev blog so for any fans out there, check that one out. In addition, the devs informed of cheating stats collected, revealing that according to their numbers, only 1.3% of the players cheat, bringing the total count of non-cheaters to a healthy 98.7%.

Furthermore, the addition of servers in Russia, Hong Kong and Australia are included in future plans, but it should be noted that these are not live at the moment. More on that to come.