Lethal Enterprise brings CryEngine 3-powerd free-to-play drug war to PC, consoles

Denver-based indie outfit New World Interactive has announced a CryEngine 3 licensing deal for Lethal Enterprise, a new free-to play undertaking pegged for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, further suggesting there may be substance to the recent rumors of Microsoft exploring F2P possibilities for its console.

As for actual details, essentially none exist. “Besides the game being about the drug war we don’t want to reveal too much,” said New World’s president Jeremy Blum in the announcement.

“We’re very excited about licensing CryENGINE and truly hope to raise the bar when it comes to visual expectations of free to play games.”

Crytek, for its part, hopes for the same: “We strongly believe that CryENGINE 3 will revolutionize the free-to-play market with AAA content and are looking forward to seeing more of Lethal Enterprise.”

According to their newly-opened website, the “edgy and fresh” game is still in the prototyping phases while New World focuses on another title — Insurgency: Remastered — for PC and Mac, due in 2012.