Worldwide 2011 sales put PS3 10% ahead 360

The 360 may be handily beating the competition on US soil, but when looking at worldwide sales, Sony’s PlayStation 3 has still managed to out-do Microsoft by 10% overall so far this year, according to EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich who says “the race is neck and neck.”

“The PlayStation 3 is still incredibly successful and outselling its rivals overseas. In terms of the PlayStation 3’s performance in North America, it is selling quite well and outperforming last year’s sales.”

“The problem,” Divnich adds, “is the Xbox 360, which has increased its velocity without the aid of any price cuts or redesigns over the last year.”

“The Xbox 360’s success is simply incredible. I won’t lie, it has consistently beaten my models over the last few months–the folks at Microsoft remind me every month. The only reasoning that seems plausible is the Kinect or the strength of its software library has reached some sort of tipping point making the Xbox 360 an incredible value to consumers at its current price points.”

The 360’s worldwide lifetime sales are currently 5% ahead of the PS3. So it’s anything if not a tight race, taking into account the 360’s replacement rate and all; “We do know based on our consumer surveys that the replacement rate among Xbox 360s are slightly higher than the PlayStation 3,” Divnich notes.