Age of Empires Online DLC details

Based on the popular real-time strategy game of old, Age of Empires Online is Microsoft’s and Robot Entertainment’s way of bringing the classic franchise to a modern free-to-play age, with lots of goodies being released on a regular basis to enhance the experience of building that ever-lasting empire we’ve always wanted.

Free-to-play or not, games do eventually get DLC, and Age of Empires Online will be no different. After its launch, the game will see the release of premium content, detailed as follows: In addition to the Greek and Egyptian civilizations,┬áthe Celtic one, which includes snowy northern realms and new units going by the name of Woad Raiders, Druids and the Celtic Swordsmen, will be accompanied by the Persian one, which in turn includes the Immortals, mounted Persian Archers, and Attack Elephants. Merge all of these and you’re just asking for trouble.

The Skirmish Hall Booster Pack (premium), to be released later during the year, will allow players to take control of the battlefield, all the while customizing starting Age, forces, resources, difficulty levels and the amount of enemies to face (up to three). So,┬ábasically, your “starter’s guide” to world domination.

Age of Empires Online will launch through Live for Windows Marketplace on August 16th.